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Terms & Conditions

1. As per the official concern, the drivers will drive the cab 12 hours a day or lastly till 10 p.m. , the timings may exceed only if the company allows.


2. Before getting any booking confirmation amount, we will not hold any cab or service for you it will be subject to availability if you delay to confirm the booking.


3. Kms. will be calculated from garage to garage (Round trip). Part of km will be charged as 1 km & part of extra Hour will be charged as 1 Hour.


4. Toll tax, Parking charges, other state Border tax, Police entry & other Govt. Levies will be charged extra as actual from you/client.


5. If you/Client want bill then we will charge 12% GST on the Total amount.

6. Give sufficient time to take lunch or dinner to the driver.  

7. Cab will move only on safe roads not in narrow street roads where driver can't drive properly.

8. Driver will turn off the AC in climbing position on hills & standing position of vehicle.

9. Cab will be parked  in authorised parking only & if you forced driver to Park it in any unauthorised way, you/Client have to pay the Penalty if charged.

10. If you have any problem for car or driver please inform us immediately to office (not at the time of payment or at time of ending the tour)

11. You will have to pay rest amount to driver when he demands or one day before leaving the Cab. 

12. Night journey (late night 11:00 PM to early morning 05:00AM ) will depend on driver situation & understanding between driver & You/Client. 

13. Cancellation should be notified 72 hours before the trip & cancellation charge will depend upon company owner or management. 

14. This company is not responsible for any loss, theft, accident etc. during the journey. 

15. During Pickup or Drop, if your flight/Train is late (more than 30 minutes) additional charges may be applied. Also try to inform us before boarding the flight so we can send our vehicle as per the timing. (Charges may be applied if we have already send the vehicle)

16. Given rates are valid only for the hotels within the city, if your Hotel/Resort is out of the local area, additional charges may be applied. (For any information or clarification recording charges please confirm your hotel's name during the time of booking confirmation.) 

17. If you make our driver to drive for you at night from 11:00 PM to 05:00 AM, additional charges may apply. (If there is need to drive cab during night please mention it at the time of booking confirmation.) 

18. It is not our Driver's duty to carry the luggage from hotel to cab & from cab to hotel . 

19. Drivers are not allowed to drive too fast. They will maintain the speed as per there comfort. (80kms/ hr. Is the official limit from Govt. Of India for any commercial vehicle.)

20. Your safety is our first priority, please wear the seat belt & if any penalty is charged for not wearing seat belt, you have to pay the same. 

21. We and our driver avoid using False words during conversation. Please do the same & maintain the conversation healthy. Avoid using False or abusive language. 

22. Before leaving the cab please ensure that there is no luggage left in the cab.

23. Any sort of narcotics like tobacco, drugs, Ciggerate, alcohol, etc. are not allowed in our cab. 

24. We and our drivers try to provide clean & well maintained cabs, Please maintain the hygiene & cleanliness in the cab. If you make our cabs too dirty or messy, we will charge extra cleaning amount. 

25. Any sort of breakage done by you/Client  in the Cab during your journey will be charged. Please do not break or misuse any facility. 

26. If there is any mechanical fault or technical issue in the cab during your journey, our driver will try to fix it as soon as possible or the issue is unfixable at that moment then we will not charge for remaining journey but you have to pay the amount according to the already usage of Cab & its return to Office, also your services will end there. 

27. Disputes, if any will be subjected to Udaipur jurisdiction only.  

Payment Policy 

1. If you have confirmed the booking on call, Whatsapp, email or Chat. But haven't deposited the advance amount then your booking is still not confirmed And if you want to confirm your booking then kindly deposit the advance booking amount.


2. Before depositing Booking confirmation amount please call us and kindly confirm the availability of cab again. 


3. Advance Booking amount is not refundable in case of endpoint cancellation. 


4. Full payment is required 01 day before tour ends on confirmation of all services. 


5. After the deposition of Booking amount please share the receipt screenshot (mentioning the transaction ID or reference no.)


6. 12 % GST will be charged on the requirement of bill, also the bill will be sent digitally via email or whatsapp only after collecting the complete amount charged by the company. 

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